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Salsa On1 vs Salsa On2
Can the On1 and On2 dance communities co-exist without bickering?

Discussion Response: Erik Rodriguez – Okinawa, Japan

-Can the On1 and On2 dance communities co-exist without bickering?

I think that as long as there is one narrow minded dancer (On1 or On2), that boasts that his or her style is the best we always have some kind of bickering. You can believe what you want as long as you don’t down talk any one else. I’ve seen awesome dancers in both styles, but nothing makes me believe that any style is better. It’s just a matter of opinion. What’s good for you may not be good for some body else.

-Why is there so much resistance towards learning how to dance On2 from established On1 dancers?

I believe the reason for this is that an established On1 dancer doesn’t want to start over. I am a convert as well and this was what I felt when I first started.

-On the contrary… Why do On2 dancers feel that they are better dancers, simply because they dance On2?

Again, this is based on opinion. The majority of the “good” dancers believe that they are better than their respective counter-parts, regardless whether they dance On1 or On2.

-Why do On2 dancers stray away from dancing On1, socially, once they have learned how to dance On2?

There are many different reasons for this. One might be the pride factor. After all that time and effort trying to learn a new trade, why not practice to stay sharp. Another might be that narrow mindedness I spoke of in the first question. I would think that someone who dances on both would be a better dancer. I believe they compliment each other rather than negate.

I hope my contributions are good enough to make your newsletter. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you in promoting a healthier environment between the On1 and On2 community.

Erik Rodriguez
Director of the MambOki Dance Co.

well said Erik!


Join us every Wednesday @ 7:30PM for a fun Salsa/Bachata night.

one hour group Salsa and one hour Bachata. (all levels welcome)


(Ladies) Free motion & Styling workshop every 1st Tuesday of the month @ 7:00PM

(Men) 1st Tuesday of every month 7:00PM Free salsa styling class

For the men who freeze up when it's time to shine
In this class you will learn:
1) how to properly lead the ladies while they are styling
2) Latin motion & body movements
3) Freestyle patterns
This course will give you that confidence when you're out on the floor.

Must be a J1D student to receive the free workshop. All other student must pay $20 to participate.


(Level 2 and up students only)

Every 3rd Tuesday @ 7:00PM for a free (salsa partner workshop)

Learn how to give and recive a lead with confidence.

Unlock the secrets of using the moves in our syllabus out of order.

Understand how to stay on beat with complicated step patterns.


Dancing salsa is not only about learning how to follow your leads.  In this class we will cover Latin motion, body isolations & basic freestyle steps (shines). We will then show you how to combine the different body movements with the freestyle so that it becomes second nature.

Must be a J1D student to receive the free workshop. All other student must pay $20 to participate.



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